About Vinyl Junkies

Hello to everyone tuning in to my website. I suppose you’d like to get to know each other better? Well, I’d love to! I’m Samantha Savige, and I’m so passionate about turntables, vinyl records, that whole vinyl vibe — I can easily call it an addiction! Today, it is no longer just my hobby but my job as well.

However, deciphering all the nuances can be a real maze for a newbie. That and choosing between the type of turntable (automatic or manual), understanding components, the intricacies of creating personalized music systems, and much more. Believe me, 10 years ago, it was a real maze for me, too.

All these complexities can scare off newcomers and nudge them toward making the simple choice of Spotify, budget-friendly speakers, or an automatic turntable. But I really want you to savor vinyl because the analog sound is unique, and no Spotify can replace that! That’s why I decided to create Vinyl Junkies – not only to show you the beauty of this unique sound and to explain its subtleties but also to become your faithful companion in this fascinating musical world.

I test various turntables and setups daily and can help you make the right choice. But most importantly, I don’t want to turn this into rocket science; I aim to simplify this process as much as possible!

About me

Samantha Savige live picture

When I was little, all my peers listened to music on tapes and later CDs. Sure, I had a cassette player, too, but it was always about vinyl records in my house because my dear dad was a die-hard vinyl enthusiast. So, from a young age, I got used to the crackling and charming analog sound, and now I’m not ready to trade that warm and vibrant audio for anything else! My love for records was definitely passed down from my dad.

When I started college in Chicago, I moved away from my parents. The first thing I bought for my new place was a record player because it just didn’t feel like home without it. Money was tight, so, of course, it was a cheap beginner’s turntable. Now, I’ve assembled the perfect setup for myself, but I keep my first record player as a relic and just can’t bring myself to part with it. Vinyl always holds something sentimental and brings back memories of family for me.

While in college, I joined a vinyl enthusiasts club where we would listen to records, explore different setups, discuss the mechanics of turntables, and figure out how to achieve the best sound. Our vinyl club leader, Christopher, had a knack for simplifying even the most complex technical aspects for us, and thanks to that, I now know how to do the same for others in an approachable manner.

But that’s not the only thing I’m grateful to Chris for (hey, Chris, I know you’re reading this). When one of his friends was looking for a consultant for their music store’s vinyl section in Chicago, Chris recommended me, and I decided to give it a try. That’s how my professional career in the exciting world of vinyl began a decade ago. Now, it seems like I know everything (or even a bit more than everything) about turntables. And I want to share every little detail I know with my readers. Stick around, and I’ll tell you about vinyl in a simple, clear, and fun way no one has done before!