VJ Live 6: VJ Live #6 – Essential Jazz, Moog, and A Dead Mouse

VJ Live #6 - Essential Jazz, Moog, and Dead Mice

This week’s VJ Live broadcast was co-hosted by Anthrax, King Beast of The Record Cave.  While he proceeded to dismantle a helpless mouse throughout the show, here’s what happened.

This Week’s New Arrivals/Reviews (in no particular order)

VJ Product Review –  Experience Vinyl Subscription Service

Experience Vinyl are new players in the growing vinyl subscription game, with an exciting new premise.  Every month, a prominent music artist is asked to curate a their top ten favorite albums.  Desert island picks, chosen by Talib Kweli, George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic) and Carlos Santana?  Yes please!  Future curators include Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane), Lenny Kravitz, Quincy Jones and Sir Elton John.  Big names!

experience vinyl carlos santana miles davis sketches of spain vinyl junkies

Experience Vinyl’s Curator for July: Carlos Santana

Our first Experience Vinyl package arrived last week, I share my thoughts and try to cover every aspect of what they have to offer.  There are positives and negatives and a great deal to work on, but it looks promising.  Obvious comparisons to existing subscription like Vinyl Me, Please and VNYL are made.  VJ is always committed to giving you an honest assessment of what you’ll be getting.  Fluff pieces will not happen, we will never endorse anything we’re genuinely excited about.

Tales Of A Vinyl Junkie – The Moog Synthesizer

  • Short History:  pre-moog electronic music, early challenges.
  • Pioneers of the moog sound, platinum albums and transgender Grammy Award winners
  • Moog explosion! Artists who made moog matter
  • A list of album suggestions to get you started on your journey.

Pour one out for the helpless mouse that Anthrax toyed with, throughout the broadcast, before finally ending his poor life.  Anthrax has field experience, the little bugger never had a chance.

We’re in the early stages of putting VJ Live together in podcast form.  These broadcasts are still a work in progress but we’re committed to doing this right.  Please bear with us and thank you for your patience and support.