David Bowie – My Top 100 Favorite Songs: 83

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I recently witnessed the biggest David Bowie fan I know count down his top 100 favorite songs. These were private posts, meant solely for his Facebook family and friends. Something really cool happened over those 100 days.

I’d like to share that countdown with you. Read along, embark upon Niall Colgan’s personal journey while he narrates some of the most intimate aspects of his life with his undying passion for the art of David Bowie. The vid below is a short intro, scroll directly beneath to read the countdown.

Number 84: Dead Against it

Taken From: Buddha Of Suburbia (1995)

She talked to God

I couldn’t cope…. 

Buddha Of Suburbia was released to very little hype and was mostly overlooked by fans, including myself. Lack of information led me to believe it was the soundtrack to a TV series, to which Bowie contributed. It received no vinyl pressing and was largely treated like a secondary release. This was mostly due to record label issues; David liked Strangers When We Meet enough to include it on 1.Outside. He’d also planned to add a reworked version of Dead Against It to Earthling  but it didn’t make the final cut.

Dead Against It is quite unlike anything David had recorded before. Elements of Britpop, New Wave, Mod and dance are all at play here. Throughout his career, David kept up on current trends in music, often seizing the opportunity to contribute his personal take on these new sounds. The results were often outstanding, as is the case with Dead Against It, one of the deeper cuts from Buddha Of Suburbia.  Bowie and Turkish multi-instrumentalist Erdal Kizilcay deliver a masterclass in layered sound achievement. An effectively tinny production provides the perfect back drop for relentlessly driving synth and guitar. Bowie floats an ethereal vocal performance over the uptempo beats. His soft, emotionless delivery contrasts the forceful energy of the instruments in a manner which balances the entire song, to great effect.  His close to mic technique make some of the words more difficult to understand so it’s rather easy to listen to his voice as just another instrument.

Much like Absolute Beginners is a song about love, Dead Against It comes off as a song about hate, told through the eyes of a man who views himself as the victim. The author of the voice is silent and resentful, he is powerless against her but too weak to take action, so he settles for the situation. She is hateful, drinks too much and then complains to him about her feelings of pain and rejection. Despite being unhappy, he stays beside her and accepts.

He says he wants her but she’s asking God for help out of their shared situation.  All hope has literally fucked off and he hates her for it!

He’s a fool for her but powerless to affect their horrendously bitter life together.

Sometimes she gives him hope

Other times despair

He doesn’t know when to believe her, there is no trust!

She’s dead, dead against him.


His pain overwhelms him, she pushes those buttons effectively enough to inflict maximum damage. Words no longer serve him as she has effectively crushed his spirit, so he chooses to remain silent. She’d rather speak to anyone or anything else, reserving her love for those who live on the other side of the fault line. What a fucking insult! Ultimately, both parties are dead inside.


A song about hate that strongly resembles a song about love, ring any bells?

A relationship that seemed great from the outside looking in, but was rotten from the inside? Sound familiar?


Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Grasp it with both hands, strike a chord!

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Dead Against It

And when she drowns
Within and in the fizzy gin, begins to sigh
“Good god” or “My” I cry and die and lie beside
She is the apple in my eye
She talked to God
I couldn’t cope
Or’d hope eloped
A dope, she roped
This salty lieAnd when she’s dreaming, I believe
And when she’s reading, I retreat
Can’t believe her
Telling me she’s dead again
Telling me she’s dead against itAnd deep my wound
Within for every second chance it was
From deep within, despite the rain, my words are wornShe loves to talk into the phone
No matter who
No matter when
No matter where
No better than the faulty lineAnd when she’s dreaming, I believe
And when she’s reading, I retreat
Can’t believe her
Telling me she’s dead again
Telling me she’s dead against it