VINYL TALK with Entombed AD

vinyl talk with entombed ad

Legal issues may have necessitated the AD suffix, but the sound and fury is just as Entombed as it ever was. Most fans call em Ghost, not Ghost BC, right?  Same deal here.  In our latest installment of VINYL TALK, vocalist LG Petrov and drummer Olle Dahlstedt wax nostalgic on all things vinyl.

As a band, have you noticed any difference when it comes to vinyl sales?

Olle There’s definitely more demand for vinyl today than, say, 5 or 10 years ago.
LG  There was a big demand for cds for awhile.  Now you can carry everything around on a USB key, but it’s just not the same.  The feeling when you hold a record in your hands, especially when it’s from your own band. Nothing can beat that. The sturdiness of it, you can’t get that from a cd.  Though when you buy records, they take up space. That’s the only downside to it. If you buy (vinyl) during the tour, you know they’re gonna break.

Do you go record shopping while on tour?

Olle Our merch guy does that.
LG Yeah, he does that a lot. But vinyl is great. Our merch guy will go around to the record stores while we’re on tour.  He always comes back saying “Look what I got!”.  Then that urge to find more stuff just continues.  You can’t have everything at once. If it comes too lightly, you’ll eventually get bored.
Olle We’re going to fly back home after the tour, so it’s too much weight to carry back a bunch of vinyl with us.

LG In Europe, the vinyl fairs are coming back strong. They have them in Sweden every month and there’s 10,000 people there.  Sometimes, there are people selling stuff who don’t know what they have so it’s a great place to dig out a treasure. You never know what you’ll find. At European (metal) festivals there’s always a vinyl stand, wherever you go.

entombed ad dead dawn vinyl

Entombed AD – Dead Dawn
2016, Century Media

Do you collect records?

LG Not anymore, no.
Olle Ever since Spotify came along, it’s like “ahhh”.
LG You get lazy. It’s sad but that’s the way it is.  In this time and age there’s so many bands, so many records. You get lost in this whirlpool of music, so then you tend to go back to the safety of the classics, you’d rather do that.

Whether it be a record or song or a show, do you have any memory of that first moment that made you realize that you wanted to be a musician?

Olle For me, that was early, almost pre-school. When I heard KISS for the first time, I was sold.  Or bought (laughs). I also remember my brother coming home with a tape of “Highway To Hell”.  I’d never heard anything like it… I was 6 or 7 years old.
LG I was a little bit of a late bloomer.  My mother took me down to the shopping center and bought me “Another Perfect Day” by Motorhead.  And then Kim Wilde, actually.

Kids In America…

LG Yes, my second record was that (laughs)
Olle The first record I bought was a Saxon record.  I was out to buy “For Those About To Rock” but it was gone, they were sold out. So I said “this looks good too”.  I’d heard of Saxon so I bought “Strong Arm Of The Law” instead.

Do you remember your first rock star moment?

LG Every day, man (laughs).  When we toured with Slayer and Iron Maiden…that was like “ok, we’ve done this, we can quit now” (laughs).  Then we toured with Motorhead… Basic touring is the same, whatever band you tour with, but it’s good to play in front of different crowds. Like (their current tour with) Amon Amarth, some (of their fans) know us but some of them don’t have a clue who we are, so that’s just a challenge. I like that, you can always learn something from others.  When we’re touring Europe especially, we have a lot of people who give us their demos…on cds!  After a tour you wind up with a big stack of demos and that’s cool.

When a band or a fan give you their demo, do you take the time to listen to it?

LG Yes. I wouldn’t say (I listen) every time but if we get a demo, we’ll just put it on and have a listen and party to it.  If it’s bad you tell them, you’re honest. “This is bad, but keep on doing what you’re doing” (laughs).  If it’s good you tell them that it’s good, obviously.  And if there’s a good riff, you can steal it (both laugh).

Entombed A.D. are currently touring North America with Amon Amarth and Exmortus.  Their latest album, Dead Dawn, is available on vinyl, at their merch table.