VINYL ME, PLEASE TOP 12 OF 2016 – #7-12

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Beck ‎– Odelay vinyl me please top 12

Beck ‎– Odelay


Beck ‎– Odelay

DGC ‎– B0025491-01

Vinyl Me, Please Records Of The Month – Vol 46

Vinyl LP reissue, Bourbon colored wax

Oct 2016

Another massive reissue, dressed up to the nines. I won’t bother with a review, you know. “Loser” may have placed Beck on our radar but “Odelay” helped him take over the whole damn map. It launched a superstar who sounds like only himself. I can’t comment as to whether this VMP reissue sounds any better than the other 14 vinyl reissues already released, but it sounds swell and looks sweller. It’s a VMP pressing, they’re always good. Bourbon color might be a bit of marketing bullshit for brown, but that’s the vinyl industry for you. It’s not black, it’s “Satan’s soul” black, sperm white, piss yellow. I hate the vinyl world sometimes. Just sell me the fucking car, not the leather seats.
The bourbon brown doesn’t taste like anything, but it sounds great and my rant is just an old dude letting off steam. Cool?


Top 6 coming tomorrow.