VINYL ME, PLEASE TOP 12 OF 2016 – #7-12

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Glass Animals ‎– How To Be A Human Being vinyl me please top 12

Glass Animals ‎– How To Be A Human Being


Glass Animals ‎– How To Be A Human Being
Harvest ‎– 2547979544, Wolf Tone ‎– 2547979544
Vinyl Me, Please Records Of The Month – Vol 45
Vinyl, LP, Blue wax
26 Aug 2016

Here’s where the countdown starts getting interesting. Subscription services require that elevated expectations be met. If I’m going to subscribe to a vinyl service that hopes to curate my music for me, I expect nothing short of awesome.This holds especially true if they’re going to plant their flag on a new release from a largely unknown artist. I mean, who the fuck are Glass Animals anyway? I want to feel like I got introduced to something that I know I’ll listen to for the rest of my life. Feeling ing short changed sucks, I want no part of such an experience. It’s a tricky balancing act but nothing less will suffice. Be great, offer a fantastic monthly experience and proceed to over deliver, it can be no other way.

Touchdown. Glass Animals became the new blip on my radar, pretty sure I’d never have discovered them otherwise. “How To Be A Human Being” is an album that I enjoy more with every spin. It’s catchy, quirky, infectious and original and I love the fact that I “discovered” music that usually sits beyond my wheelhouse.

In other words, this album represents what I expect from a subscription service like Vinyl Me, Please. Don’t believe me? Listen to the song “Life Itself” 3 times, then try your best to get that chorus out of your head. Then wait for the song that goes “pineapples are in my head” and try to wipe that from your brain. Nuh-Uh. Glass Animals have now become a regular spin, and very happily so. They fucking rule and they go to 11.