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Låpsley ‎– Long Way Home vinyl me please top 12

Låpsley ‎– Long Way Home


Låpsley ‎– Long Way Home
XL Recordings ‎– XLLP754VMP
Vinyl Me, Please Records Of The Month – Vol. 39
Vinyl, LP, Club Edition, White Wax
04 Mar 2016

I recall the hype that VMP tried to drum up for Låpsley’s debut album. I really wanted to buy in too; I love stylized electronic music with female vocals! VMP do a great job of providing their members with plenty of well-written advance press; those articles had me hoping that the second coming was about to blow up my mailbox and take my turntable hostage.

Not so. “Long Way Home” is a good record and I enjoy it. However, I’m not hearing anything I haven’t heard before, done more poignantly. If a subscription service like VMP is going to be effective at cementing their reputation as trustworthy tastemakers, I feel like it’s going to take a whole lot more than what was offered here. This pick left me feeling like VMP may have been trying too hard to be the ones that helped break an artist. I love ethereal vocals but Låpsley just wasn’t scratching that itch. I can appreciate some of the more original stylistic aspects of what she was trying to lay down but it left me mostly unaffected. Rule #1 (for me): If you’re gonna attempt to autotune your vocals to achieve a stylistic affect, you better be Cher (yes, Cher). To my ears, autotune almost never works, other than to paper over the vocals of artists who’s voices can’t carry the song. It’s a great tool but I just couldn’t buy what Låpsley was selling. Oatmeal is good, hot dogs are good (not really), but neither are my go to choices if I’m looking for a great meal.

To my ears. Låpsley’s voice kinda sounds like elements of female vocalists past. It feels contrived, like if you took the most obvious elements of everything that influenced the artist and put them in a blender. I never felt the need to run from the room while the record was spinning, but I often felt like putting on “Temperamental” by Everything But The Girl instead. It’s a very primitive type comparison as the two albums don’t sound anything alike, but “Long Way Home” sounds like parts of albums I’d rather listen to. Good, but not worthy of a VMP Record Of The Month pick. Not for me, at least.