VINYL ME, PLEASE TOP 12 OF 2016 – #7-12

vinyl me please top 12 vinyl junkies

I don’t usually do lists.  Too many variables to consider, too much pressure, far too many records. Doing so with a dozen titles renders the exercise more manageable.  Besides, everyone likes lists. So here’s a list ranking all 12 Vinyl Me, Please ROTM picks. The ranking means nothing and should immediately be ignored as nothing more than cheap reading, for kicks n’ clicks.

Because I’ve decided to count down the whole year’s worth of subscriptions, that will mean that I’ll talk about the stuff that didn’t really turn my crank. This doesn’t mean it “sucked”, it means that I didn’t like it or just don’t get the appeal. I’ll try and outline why I felt that way, without having to resort to the intelligence of saying that it…sucked. In my view, people who truly love and respect art don’t possess such arrogance. All art is worthy, our personal tastes are just that. Besides, VMP allows subscribers to swap out 4 titles per year. Members can pass on any records they think they may not enjoy, in  exchange for anything in their member store. Fair deal, right?  Ok, here goes.