VINYL ME, PLEASE TOP 12 OF 2016 – #1-6

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The Books ‎– The Lemon of Pink vinyl me please top 12 vinyl junkies

The Books ‎– The Lemon of Pink


The Books ‎– The Lemon of Pink
Temporary Residence Limited ‎– TRR181-VMP
Vinyl Me, Please Records Of The Month – Vol. 47
Vinyl LP Reissue, Remastered, Yellow w/Pink Splatter
Released: 01 Nov 2016

The Books have possessed me. I keep playing my 3 records on a loop. They occupy a uniquely creative and beautiful section of their own, a music that only they can deliver. These three books are interesting, the art contained within these pages is soul lifting.

Two months ago, I wasn’t even familiar with this group of artists. Sure, I’d heard of them just as I’d heard of a thousand other bands, but it’s impossible to listen to it all and they’d just never even remotely turned up on my radar.

“The Lemon Of Pink” arrived in my mailbox just under 2 months ago, my first Book. It hasn’t left the table. These songs immediately laid roots. In fact, they led me to quickly pick up the other 2 Books that were available, add them to my December VMP box.

Those arrived just before the holidays. Now they won’t leave either. All three Books records have become the Hatrocks of my record collection, difference being I don’t want them to go anywhere. I welcome the almost total occupation they have taken on a part of my mind. Now I no longer listen to “The Lemon Of Pink” as a stand alone lp, preferring instead to play it as the middle part of the 3 part musical history that is The Books. Discogs indicates that they have released 4 full length lps thus far. Today, it’s become more about that one Books record I’m missing rather than the 3 that I have and love. It’s the final chapter. I’ve gotta get that last one, all four tell a story.

“The Lemon Of Pink” is my personal pick as VMP’s best release of 2016because it embodies what a music nerd looks most forward to. That initial moment of discovery. To something that resonates so deeply within you that you know that it will stay. A “forever” record. Once those possess you, they never leave.

“The Lemon Of Pink” is fucking remarkable. It’s weird enough to appeal to those who enjoy a challenge yet pleasant enough for the more conservative listener to appreciate and absorb. It bends the mind gently, a soft breeze on a long blade of grass. A truly phenomenal work of art.