VINYL ME, PLEASE TOP 12 OF 2016 – #1-6

vinyl me please top 12 vinyl junkies
BadBadNotGood ‎– IV vinyl me please top 12 vinyl junkies

BadBadNotGood ‎– IV


BadBadNotGood ‎– IV
Innovative Leisure Records ‎– IL 2034
Vinyl Me, Please Records Of The Month – Vol. 43
2 × Vinyl LP, Magenta Transparent
08 Jul 2016

You know that saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”?
Badbadnotgood first impression.

Prior to receiving this album, I was not familiar with the band other than by name. I opened up the black box, had a look at that album cover. Fugly. Ucking Fugly. From the diluted piss yellow jacket to the miniscule liner notes that require a telescope to read, the visual aspect did not inspire. Then there’s that picture. Four pasty white boys with towel costumes and nipples which looked cancerous. The middle dude looks like he may have huffed some glue prior to the shoot, which would explain a whole lot. Album cover fails of this magnitude do not encourage enthusiasm for what lay in the the grooves of the 2 platters which were housed within this yellow monstrosity.

Needle drop.

It became an obsessive spin. The download code was used to extend the jam out to the yard during pool season. “IV” became one of the best and worst sensual experiences of the year; it assualted the eyes and tickled the ears.

Never judge a book by it’s color. The VMP treatment couldn’t make this one look pretty. The music did all the heavy lifting this time around. It was enough, the music was real strong. VMP introduced me to one of my favorite new albums of 2016. That’s the point.