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Wells Fargo ‎– Watch Out! vinyl me please top 12 vinyl junkies

Wells Fargo ‎– Watch Out!


Wells Fargo ‎– Watch Out!
Now-Again Records ‎– NA 5138
Vinyl Me, Please Records Of The Month – Vol. 42
Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Club Edition, Yellow/Green Marbled
Jun 2016

Prior to this lp reissue, the music of Wells Fargo existed only on uber rare 7″ singles, pressed in very small quantities available only in Africa. Nowadays, music like this reaches our ears thanks to professional diggers/curators like Egon from Stones Throw/Now Again Records. When Egon puts his stamp on something, record nerds listen. He is a standard bearer and his choices carry weight.

VMP recognized this and worked with Now Again to provide their subscribers with this exclusive first pressing of Wells Fargo’s “Watch Out!” Can’t get it anywhere else. The collector types, they love that shit. Colored vinyl, more swoons! Collectors love collecting colors, VMP gives them colors, music included.

Music aficionados will appreciate the Pandora’s Box that a record like “Watch Out!” represents. Giants like Jimi and JB drilled our collective conscience with bold new sounds that rang like no other. One big melting pot of psych, rock, funk, soul, blues. This wasn’t wasn’t mama’s home cooking. As the world began to take notice, the younger cats started making their own stews. They took the sounds of their new heroes and began infusing them with their own local flavors. Fela pioneered his signature dish in Nigeria, African heads everywhere added theirs to the mix.

Wells Fargo was one of those tasty interations but you had to look really hard to find it. It was that hole in-the-wall dive joint with the amazing food that no one knew about. Egon knew. Very local cuisine with special herbs and spices, but the base of the meal is universal as it is steeped from a stock which nourishes us all. Primal and toothsome, funk is its own reward and that’s just one flavor. Africa offered listeners many incredible flavors during the 70s. Those keen to take the journey will be amply rewarded.

What I’m saying is that 70’s Africa was bonkers. Some of us had Fela to feed us and we are better for it. Those who didn’t just got introduced to the great big world of afro-funk, courtesy of that big black box which arrives at our door each month. The deep diggers will love their newly dug treasure while the uninitiated may find themselves down a rabbit hole. Good rabbit hole, this one. Promise.