VMP February Teaser + Member Store Picks

vinyl me please top 12 vinyl junkies

Still anxiously awaiting the black box.  For The Love Of Vinyl , Please Do Not Bend!

The VMP delivery always comes in on a Monday, a most happy part of my mail. Like most vinyl junkies, I enjoy sharing my new picks with others. Lotsa you guys get it on the Friday, at the beginning of the weekend, so I keep watching y’all post up the latest Record Of The Month.  Anticipation for Monday, envy that you get to write about it before I do.

Here are the latest hints for next month’s VMP album giveaway.  First correct guess wins a free copy of the upcoming VMP February lp.

5 Clues:

Vinyl Junkies VMP

  • NY/TO Boom Bap
  • Sampled by Madonna
  • 2 members went on to produce some of biggest hip hop names of the 90s
  • After a contentious breakup over poor business management, a former member aired his beef in a verse found on A Tribe Called Quest album
  • A certain well respected rapper spit his/her first rhymes on this record.

First correct artist/album guess will win a copy of the album.  One guess per person, submit your guesses in the comments section of our member forum.  Good luck!

Member Store Picks

This month’s member store features more Panda Bear and Animal Collective to compliment your January Record Of The Month.  Very thoughtful curation on VMP’s part.  Those who enjoy Panda Bear will very likely be interested in other pieces from the feature artist’s reperptoire. Honest upselling via an honest connection with the music, I dig it. Also, the first must-own hip hop album of 2017, and an honest to goodness thrash metal album.  Not metal-ish, straight up metal. Horns up.

Friendly request,

It’d be great to know who more info on the reissues. That provides a whole lot of necessary information about what we’re buying.  Rhino reissues are not the same as Mofi or Analogue Productions.  Informed purchasing decisions matter to anyone who takes their record collection seriously.


  • Gabriel Garzon Montano, Jardin (Transluscent Yellow Vinyl, LTD to 500) (Stones Throw!  ANYTHING connected to Stones Throw = immediate attention paid.  It is a hip hop mark of quality. Available on the 27th, don’t sleep!)
  • Mick Jenkins, The Waters (White Vinyl w/ Blue Bleed, LTD to 500
  • Melody’s Echo Chamber, Melody’s Echo Chamber (Peach Sherbet Vinyl, LTD to 750)

Any of y’all have any good things to say about these 3 releases?  Need more info, please.  I don’t know why VMP has chosen these selections for the limited exclusive treatment.  FOMO happening, know what I’m sayin’?


Courtney Barnett + Jen Cloher of Milk! Records – Check out the podcast!
  • Totally Mild, Down Time
  • Various Artists, Good For You: A Milk! Record Compilation
  • Dick Diver, Melbourne, Florida


  • Run The Jewels, RTJ 3 (2 LP Gold Vinyl, Sticker Sheet, Poster) (The first must own hip hop album of 2017.  Don’t sleep. Major respect to RTJ for making the whole thing available for streaming on Youtube.  How it’s done.)
  • Brian Eno, Reflection (Digital/Divide Electronic Pick) (Eno first coined the phrase “ambient music”. He’s still the big fish in the big waters.  All Eno releases are necessary picks, this is no different.)
  • William Basinski, A Shadow in Time (Gorgeous sound architecture. Every opportunity to experience a new Basinski composition is one that should be seized.  A very special composer)
  • Kreator, Gods of Violence (VMP finally gets their metal on.  They’ve gone the heavy route before with picks by Mono, Neurosis and others, but this is the first full-on metal album that’s been featured in their web shop.  Kreator don’t do greatest hits metal, every new album is still relevant to the genre they helped create.)
  • Ty Segall, Ty Segall (He’ll release at least another few albums before 2017 is done, Ty Segall is a workhorse of the arts community.  He does good work, no one gets short changed, either on wax or live.)
  • The xx, I See You
  • The xx, I See You (+ On Hold 7” Bundle)
  • The xx, I See You (180g, 12” w/ Bonus Tracks, CD, Art Prints)  (I keep hearing about XX but don’t know the first thing about them.  Can someone please begin a proper XX thread, so that I may learn?)
  • Angel Olsen/Steve Gunn, Live at Pickathon (White + Blue Splatter Vinyl)
  • Tycho, Epoch (Red Vinyl)
  • Uniform, Wake in Fright (White Vinyl)
  • Cherry Glazer, Apocalipstick (Pink Splatter Vinyl)
  • Kid Koala, Music to Draw to – Satellite (ft. Emiliana Torrini)
  • Shy Girls, Salt
  • Denzel Curry, Imperial
  • Fred Thomas, Changer
  • Michael Chapman, 50
  • Ariel Pink/Weyes Blood, Myths 002 (12″, Insert, Download Card)
  • SOHN, Rennen


  • The Avalanches, Since I Left You (2LP, Blue Vinyl) (100% sample based, over 3500 of them!  A masterpiece)
  • Animal Collective, Here Comes the Indian (Panda Bear, before he became Panda Bear.  Need. More. Animal Collective)
  • Panda Bear,Young Prayer (Need. More. Panda Bear)
  • The O’Jays, Back Stabbers (180g) (Massive 70’s soul funk classic.  Uncut.)
  • Blind Melon, Soup (As good as their debut?  Better?  Either way, need em both. .)
  • UGK, Super Tight (2LP, Clear Vinyl), $24
  • The Stooges, The Stooges (Opaque Gold/Brown Vinyl) (classic, Classic, CLASSIC!  Seriously though, it’s classic.)
  • The Killers, Hot Fuss
  • Chemical Brothers , Come With Us


  • Syl Johnson, Complete Mythology (6LP, 4CD Box Set) (This is the drool-worthy box set of the month.  Anyone familiar with the consistent quality of Numero box sets know that they will be necessarily be receiving quality in their mail.  Utmost care is always taken to deliver the best sounding and looking package available.  Plus, Numero box sets look really amazing, stacked up against each other on your shelves.  Vinyl porn, y’know?)
  • The Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones in Mono (16 LP Box Set) (instant necessity for any Stones vinyl junkie, unless you already have the originals.
  • Bert Jansch, Living In Shadows (4LP Box Set)

The VMP store opens tomorrow at 9AM Pacific/12 PM Eastern.  Git some.