Vinyl Junkies Ep.18: Making Vinyl, Meeting Jack White & DMC

Vinyl Junkies Ep.18: Making Vinyl, Meeting Jack White & DMC

Vinyl Junkies Ep. 18: Making Vinyl, Meeting Jack White & DMC


So I went to the first ever vinyl conference ever, the Making Vinyl Conference in Detroit. Repped VJ, hustled hard, made friends.
I’ve got stories if you have time.
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  • Stats/News

The Making Vinyl Conference, Detroit 2017

Making vinyl vinyl junkies vj detroit

  • The Day Before: Visiting Third Man Records and a Cool-Ass AirBnB 


  • Day One: The Jack White Story (Pt.1)
    • The Panels
    • Live Chat with Andrew Rossiter (Big Cheese at ORG Music)
    • Meeting Billy Fields
    • Jack White/Ben Blackwell Keynote Speech
    • Meeting the Discogs Dudes


  • Day Two: DMC! (and Jack White)

    • DMC!!!

    • Jack White


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Vinyl junkies vj review morphine live at the warfield 1997

Released Yesterday, Only On Vinyl

MORPHINE – Live At The Warfield 1997
Run Out Groove Vinyl
Nov. 10, 2017






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