Vinyl Junkies Raises $2100 For Homeless Youth

vinyl junkies

Vinyl Junkies has raised $2100 for homeless youth, in 5 days. It all started with one record and an idea on how to best use it to make a real difference.

An autographed Geezer lp led us to amassing 15 more prizes as our sock drive began gathering steam.  Some went beyond just donating, so far as to offer records from their personal collections to add towards the prize total.  Purest acts of kindness.  My ten year old daughter felt moved enough to fish ten dollars worth of coins from her piggy bank.  “Daddy, I don’t need it, buy socks for the poor kids instead.” Proud life moment, from the mouth of a child.  No deals or motives, just kindness of spirit towards those who need it more than we do.

dans la rue charity

For 5 days, “me” became “we”.  We Vinyl Junkies killed it, absolutely crushed my meager hopes for a few hundred bucks. One prize multiplied itself 16 times and resulted in over $2100 for charity.

1 x 16 = $2100. Take that, mathematics!

Your generous donations will go towards purchasing socks and warm clothing for Dans La Rue, a Montreal charity dedicated to helping homeless youth get back up on their feet.

Winners and Special Thanks

Indie Vinyl Den Vinyl JunkiesIndie Vinyl Den came through with a last day donation of a $100 gift certificate to their record store. We split their generous gift into four $25 prizes, which helped us raise over $1000 during our last 24 hours.  We gave each of our donors one guess towards what our final tally would be. The 4 closest to the final total, without going over, were to be awarded the prize.

Our 4 winners for the $25 gift certificates to are


Todd Harris ($1960)
Sheldon Swenson $1863
Chris McNally $1825
Brett Whitney 1635

Dale Riecke was actually the closest to getting it right $2126, but he went over by under $2.00! However, this story also had a happy ending as Indie Vinyl Den very graciously offered up a prize for Dale as well.  Five winners!

tidal wave music vinyl junkiesDevon Strickland, you win a copy of Funkadelic ‘Live Meadowbrook 1971’ 2lp first ever vinyl reissue, courtesy of Tidal Waves Music.

Raimund Satra you are the lucky winner of Funkadelic Finest, courtesy of Tidal Waves Music.

Ryan Lee Davies wins a vinyl copy of Stone Alliance ‘Stone Alliance’, courtesy of Tidal Waves Music

Donald Denny you’re the lucky winner of Kamasi Washington “The Epic” 3lp debut, courtesy of Third Side Music and Brainfeeder Records.

Sam Nardi wins Bonobo’s The North Borders 6 x 10″ box set, courtesy of Third Side Music and Ninja Tune.

Tiger Lab Vinyl Vinyl JunkiesLue Masters, a gorgeous vinyl copy of Masahiro Ikumi’s 1997 anime score, PERFECT BLUE is yours. Big thanks to Tiger Lab Vinyl for the generous donation.

Laura Hill you are the winner of Geezer‘s self-titled lp, autographed by guitarist Pat Harrington.  Big thanks to Steve at STB Records for providing the prize that jump started our sock drive.

Jeremy Haag and Todd Cronin, you have each won a copy of the new Dorre/Bethmoora split lp. Big thanks to Adriaan De Raymaeker and the rest of the chaps from Dorre for making these 2 records available as prizes.

Shane Hartman, you have won a copy of Buscabulla’s debut 10″ ep, courtesy of Discos Diaspora

Ivan Zelic Orrechioni,  you have won  Original Ghanaian Highlife and Afrobeat 1967-1981 3xLP+2CD.  This prize was very generously offered by VJ Grant Austin, from his personal collection.  Because he’s a generous soul and he rules.

All winners will be contacted personally via email or facebook. Congratulations to all our winners and a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped build a mountain.  Pictures forthcoming.