VINYL DIARY #5: The Kamasi Washington Trio VS. Stone Alliance

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Stone Alliance ‎– Stone Alliance

Tidal Waves Music ‎– TWM03
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
Released: 16 Dec 2016



The (Theoretical, not Practical)

Kamasi Washington Game

  • Call over some of friends for a spin sesh, especially if they dig Kamasi much as you do.  Virtual friends count, less travel time.
  • Drop the needle on this Stone Alliance record, tell them it’s an advance pressing of the new Kamasi Washington album. I know, odds of having an advance vinyl pressing of any new Kamasi material is highly unlikely. Theoretical, right?
  • Guess the odds on how many will believe you.

I’m guessing that a few would bite if you sold the story right and hid the source, the elements are there. As collectors we all have those records, the ones that so closely resemble other artists, either in passage or in totality.  Some resonate like homage, others like blatant rip off. Kamasi is what’s next, his language is his own but he plays with the same set of blocks. Some artists just capture the essence of a past vibe, their frequencies are tuned to the same station. Acid jazz and hip hop rejuvenated the jazz pool, Kamasi brought it closer to the source and re-sculpted it. Hip-Hop Rodin.

Stone Alliance Kamasi Washington Tidal Waves Music Vinyl DiaryBut this. This Stone Alliance record. Three beasts crushing like the end of level monsters they are.

If Kamasi were to record in a trio setting…

Stone Alliance came 40 years before but the narrative doesn’t give it away. Same station, same program, the host just hasn’t told you what you’re listening to yet. If she told you that it was new material by the Kamasi Washington Trio and not  ’76 vintage, I’d bet some of you would buy it. I know I would.

Steve Grossman on sax. Endgame monster. I’m thinking that Kamasi must have been hip to this guy, so much of his vibe is present here. A shared tone and similar manner of expressing it begets conversations of spiritual godfathers. Pharaoh and Trane and Cannonball and more, whole lotta godfathers. Steve Grossman has less spotlight appeal but the real beasts shine bright all the time, no spotlight needed. I’d give just about anything to be able to see Kamasi in such a setting now.  Stone Alliance kinda makes me able to imagine what that would sound like.