Vinyl Junkies Ep 19 Episode R.I.P. Malcolm Young VJ
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Vinyl Junkies Ep. 19: R.I.P Malcolm Young

Vinyl Junkies Ep. 19: R.I.P Malcolm Young SHARE/WATCH & WIN VINYL! VJ NEWS Pour One Out: Malcolm Young of AC/DC Updates RSD Black Friday Ep. next week, with Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records (and Dirtbombs!) RSD Updates/News/Reviews Label Feature – Modern Harmonic WATCH: VJ Ep. 18: Making Vinyl, Meeting Jack White & DMC What’s In […]

vinyl talk with baroness john baizley

VINYL TALK with Baroness

“Oh yeah, they sell tons of vinyl at their shows”, says Andrea from behind a very busy merch table, while dealing with a continuous stream of fans looking to buy a souvenir.  Besides t-shirts and screen printed posters, there are no less than six records available for purchase, for those who prefer their Baroness on wax. As […]

vinyl talk with entombed ad

VINYL TALK with Entombed AD

Legal issues may have necessitated the AD suffix, but the sound and fury is just as Entombed as it ever was. Most fans call em Ghost, not Ghost BC, right?  Same deal here.  In our latest installment of VINYL TALK, vocalist LG Petrov and drummer Olle Dahlstedt wax nostalgic on all things vinyl. As a band, have you […]

BEYOND THE GROOVES with Shane Embury of Napalm Death Vinyl Junkies

VINYL TALK with Napalm Death

“Vinyl never really went away, did it?” Bassist Shane Embury is one of grindcore’s founding fathers and the longest standing member of Napalm Death. From recalling early childhood memories to Napalm Death’s association with John Peel, his connection to music on wax is quite evident.   In our latest installment of Vinyl Talk, Shane shares some memories of John […]