VJ Live #7 – FUNK (6 Degrees Of Betty Davis)

VJ Live is a weekly show (podcast soon), broadcast every Saturday at 1PM EST in our Facebook Community of 22,000+ Members. Vinyl news, reviews and stories. Weekly winners are chosen for vinyl prize giveaways, available exclusively to live viewers of our Vinyl Junkies Facebook Community. Tune in, participate and win. Vinyl Me, Please announced Betty […]


VINYL TALK with The Melvins

Whether it’s Buzz delivering an instaquote or the band just plain stating things as they are, Melvins interviews always prove to be funny and thought provoking.  Currently touring North America with Napalm Death and Melt Banana, we had a chance to catch up with Dale and Buzz and current bassist Steven McDonald, to talk music […]

BEYOND THE GROOVES with Shane Embury of Napalm Death Vinyl Junkies

VINYL TALK with Napalm Death

“Vinyl never really went away, did it?” Bassist Shane Embury is one of grindcore’s founding fathers and the longest standing member of Napalm Death. From recalling early childhood memories to Napalm Death’s association with John Peel, his connection to music on wax is quite evident.   In our latest installment of Vinyl Talk, Shane shares some memories of John […]