Vinyl Junkies Ep 19 Episode R.I.P. Malcolm Young VJ
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Vinyl Junkies Ep. 19: R.I.P Malcolm Young

Vinyl Junkies Ep. 19: R.I.P Malcolm Young SHARE/WATCH & WIN VINYL! VJ NEWS Pour One Out: Malcolm Young of AC/DC Updates RSD Black Friday Ep. next week, with Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records (and Dirtbombs!) RSD Updates/News/Reviews Label Feature – Modern Harmonic WATCH: VJ Ep. 18: Making Vinyl, Meeting Jack White & DMC What’s In […]


VINYL TALK with The Melvins

Whether it’s Buzz delivering an instaquote or the band just plain stating things as they are, Melvins interviews always prove to be funny and thought provoking.  Currently touring North America with Napalm Death and Melt Banana, we had a chance to catch up with Dale and Buzz and current bassist Steven McDonald, to talk music […]

BEYOND THE GROOVES with Mike Scheidt of YOB


It’s always great to talk music and records with fellow Vinyl Junkies, especially with artists and others who are close to the medium we all love.  We recently chatted with Mike Scheidt of YOB, who are currently on tour in North America. He shared his thoughts on the industry, from the perspective of a touring artist, as […]


Beyond The Grooves: Vinyl Me, Please

Vinyl Me, Please sure know how to create a buzz. Proclaiming themselves “best damn record club today”, their monthly subscription service combines a well curated product with unique packaging. Their Nov. 2015 Record Of The Month will be a faithful reproduction of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. This club-exclusive reissue will be pressed on purple wax and features […]