LISTENING NOTES #1: Tennis – Conditionally Yours

Tennis ‎– Yours Conditionally
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Tennis – Conditionally Yours

Vinyl Me, Please VMP007
1LP, Split-Color Pink & Blue Vinyl
Gatefold Jacket
16 pg. ‘Ship’s Log’ Booklet w/ Photos
Alternate Cover Art
Released: 10 Mar 2017

I make it a point not to listen to any advance singles, the first needle drop is it. Why not take personal notes while spinning, kinda like wine or beer?  Ok, let’s try this.

LISTENING NOTES #1: Tennis – Conditionally Yours

      • Wanted to hate this. Early photos and writeups made it all seem so affected. This album feels like nouveau yacht rock.  Maybe it’s just the press photos and the perm. The ever expanding Summer Mixtape already contains some Captain & Tennille and Christopher Cross tracks, vibe wise. Tennis will fit right in as they work that same vibe for a new generation of folks who just wanna chill. Maybe all those dollar bin Air Supply records will finally begin getting the respect they deserve. Jamaicans love Air Supply, they know.
      • Conditionally Yours pleasantly washes right over my listening space. It’s dreamy and it’s chill and it sounds like everything will be alright. I already know I’ll be playing this all Summer. it gives me something to look forward to.
      • Oh, ok. She does that Kate Bush high pitch thing sometimes and just fucking owns it. There’s fun mix of influences going on here. She is Nina Persson and Carole King and Karen Carpenter and now I gotta go read the liner notes cos I wanna know what her name is. Real shame about Karen Carpenter, awesome drummer.

      • The second side’s just past halfway through. First goosebump moment registered, song one of side 2. Haven’t really messed with the liner notes yet cos I was expecting not to like this record. I was wrong. The packaging is beautiful, high stock textured gatefold sleeve, it feels substantive.  Ever feel the original gatefold cover to Carole King’s “Tapestry”?  Like that.
      • listening notes viny junkies vinyl me please tennis

        Tennis – Conditionally Yours

        Read the back page of the liner notes. So affected. Now I remember why I was expecting to hate this. It can’t all be sunshine and Barbra Streisand perms, apparently. Glad I just let the music do the talking.The music tells me that I’m probably listening to one of my favorite albums for the year.

      • No download code? Weak.  We love vinyl, but we love music more.  Poolside tunes are fun, car tunes are fun. Grumble.

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