VINYL DIARY #7: Hockey

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Amadeus-Quartett & Cecil Aronowitz ‎– Die Streichquintette
Deutsche Grammophon ‎– 2740 122
3 × LP Box Set 

Coffee, smoke, Mozart. Wife off to work, kid off to school, first day of a new routine. No new boxes this week affords the opportunity to sort through a stack of thrift store treasures. It’s that pile of records that hangs out for awhile, often because they need cleaning or they haven’t been cataloged yet.  I always equated Mozart with garden parties with blue haired women and finger sandwiches, ditto for Vivaldi. “Four Seasons” might qualify as my Led Zep Rock N’ Roll, lumped into that small glut of songs I am resigned to being forced to listen to, whether I like it or not. Four Seasons for elevators and being placed on hold, Rock N’ Roll for car commercials and every hockey game and arena sport in North America. Watching hockey means listening to Rock N’ Roll, there is no choice in the matter. It could be worse, you could be stuck in any mall in Quebec with Celine piping in from every kiosk.  Don’t laugh, it’s an accurate description of suburban hell, circa 15 years ago. Fuck, I can’t wait for hockey to start.

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