Discogs Finally Go Mobile in 2016, with IOS and Android App

discogsThe rumors are true.  Discogs is finally making the long awaited jump to your smartphone. Initially begun as a website to catalog your record collection, Discogs took its lead from sites like Gemm and Ebay, by allowing its members to buy and sell.  It turned out to be a wise move, as it is currently the world’s largest and most complete vinyl database and marketplace.

Many a vinyl junkie has lamented the fact that they weren’t able to properly access their record collections via smartphone, while flipping through stacks.  Apps like MilkCrate and Discollector have offerings which have proven to be somewhat adequate, but neither have really done a comprehensive job of addressing the real-time needs of the crate digger.

In early 2016,  Discogs are expected to be launching an official app, for IOS and Android. Modelled after the MilkCrate platform, it will share similar features, including a comprehensive search function which will allow access to both your personal collection and the Discogs marketplace.  Users will be able to research record prices and add to their want lists, directly from the app.  Once logged in, all user data will be accessible, with changes updated in real time.  Finally, record nerds can check to see if they already own an lp, before buying a second copy!  Welcome news, as it should help prevent overpaying for any particular title and will hopefully help keep shop owners on the level.

According to The Vinyl Factory, details are still quite scant. Whether Discogs will be a paid app, or if users will be able to communicate with each other or make in-purchases, is still unclear.  In any case, this long awaited news is bound to be well received by vinyl lovers and will most certainly help us all in our crate digging adventures. We’ll keep you posted as more details become available.