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VINYL ME, PLEASE TOP 12 OF 2016 – #7-12

I don’t usually do lists.  Too many variables to consider, too much pressure, far too many records. Doing so with a dozen titles renders the exercise more manageable.  Besides, everyone likes lists. So here’s a list ranking all 12 Vinyl Me, Please ROTM picks. The ranking means nothing and should immediately be ignored as nothing more […]

George Danquah
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George Danquah – Hot and Jumpy

George Danquah – Hot and Jumpy 197?, QuaMi Records (Reissued by Secret Stash, 2011) By Grant Austin “Who the hell is this guy?” A common utterance upon first hearing the one and only solo LP from George Danquah, ‘Hot and Jumpy’. That such a masterful artist could materialize out of the ether and vanish was hard for long […]

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Record Label Feature: Tiger Lab Vinyl

Record Label Feature: Tiger Lab Vinyl The soundtrack record market is arguably in its golden age. Vinyl’s current renaissance has led to an explosion of new soundtrack releases covering most genres in film, and even classic video games. Founded last year by Jon Dobyns and Clint Carney, Tiger Lab Vinyl aim to focus on the currently untapped […]

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 Whenever the thread “I’m looking for an  affordable turntable of good quality” comes up  on a social media forum, the suggestions will  often boil down to either an Audio Technica LP-  120 or a U-Turn Orbit. While those who  mix/scratch will be better served by a direct drive  turntable, vinyl junkies who enjoy their records […]