VINYL DIARY #6: Atrocity Exhibition

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Danny Brown ‎– Atrocity Exhibition
Warp Records ‎– WARPLP276X, Fool’s Gold Records ‎
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Vinyl Me, Please Limited Edition (1000 foil stamped copies), Electric Blue Wax
Released: 21 Oct 2016


LAST FRIDAY (First Drop)


atrocity exhibition vinyl diary

Danny Brown: Atrocity Exhibition

My first Danny Brown album, LOVE IT! Massive beats, unique phrasing, clever lyrics. I don’t pick up enough new records of any specific genre to consider myself any kind of authority; I just know what I like. Based solely on what I’m hearing come out of my speakers I’d guess that the hardcore headz must have considered “Atrocity Exhibition” to be one of the hip hop highlights of 2016. Immediate impression suggests that this may become a Summer Mixtape/car tunes necessity. The layers are evident, the craftsmanship is evident, the beats and attitude are metal/punk heavy with a prominent 80s electro/kraut theme running throughout.

One cannot absorb the depth of a master’s work upon first experience, no matter the field of expertise. “Atrocity Exhibition” will require many more listens, my ears must be broken in. I’m game; art like this is pure joy.



“Dance in the water and I get wet, I get wet, I get wet!”

This Danny Brown record is fucking AWESOME!!!! Side 3 is CRUSHING me right now! The runout is approaching and I’m playing it again, it has been decided. I really enjoy the experience of listening to a side, just locking into a vibe with that one chapter of the album. One aspect I’ve always loved about vinyl is the fact that each album side represents a 15-20 minute segment from a larger work of art. It’s akin to repeatedly watching your favorite part of the movie. “Full Metal Jacket”?  Incredible movie throughout but that first hour…. right up to where Pyle kills the sarge and blows his own brains out? Whew! Side one of that movie really blows me away.  It’s a real killer. Side C feels like that.

atrocity exhibition vinyl diaryAbsorbing a new piece of art will never get old, I want to die listening to music. Almost anything will do, except maybe Celine.  When Titanic came out, you couldn’t walk into a Quebec mall without hearing “My Heart Will Go On.”  For years, they drilled that fucking song into my cortex, shopping was a torture to be avoided at all cost. After a few years of mall torture I just took to walking right out of wherever I was, the minute Celine started. In line at the cash?  No matter. Leave their shit behind, avoid being Negan-ed by Celine.


I’m still here, happily being Negan-ed. Side C on a 15 minute loop, turntable takeover.  Pretty sure this is headed towards obsession.


Finishing up this bit of writing, soundtracked by the lp in question.  Album fully absorbed, it’s an all-timer. This dude’s amazing and I need more Danny Brown in my life.  Remember the first time you heard The Chronic? Lethal Injection? Illmatic?

Like that.


This Danny Brown record was provided by Vinyl Me, Please.  They send me records.  I sometimes write stories using the VMP pile, the stories happen when they happen  I don’t owe them the stories, they don’t owe me the records. 
Thank you, VMP, for providing me with stuff to write about.