A Portable Vinyl Record Player?

The resurgent interest in vinyl records has led to a slew of new products aimed at satisfying this rapidly growing niche, but portability isn’t something that wax does very well. Leave it to Hamburg based design firm Rocket and Wink to dream up a novel product which allows you to listen to your records, on the go. Perhaps as an homage to Sony’s revolutionary 80s Walkman, the Rawman 3000 lends itself stylistically to the portable music players of yesteryear. Available in 12-inch, 10-inch, and 7-inch designs, the colorful Rawman 3000 also includes a smartcard, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and a pair of color-matched headphones. Perhaps, an idea who’s time has come?



  • Maurice Leahy

    the portable lp player was always a kinda “holy grail” for maufactuers in the 70’s, strange that it seems to be perfected only in the 21st cent.
    would like a “hands on” experience before i’d make a call. i do like the classic “walk-man” look of it i have to say.
    my biggest bug in this is who brings their prized lp’s outside the house?

    • Jeremy Ron

      I’m not sure this is for real. I think it’s just a cool design concept, it’ll never go to production would be my guess.